A Valedictorian will deliver the valedictory speech on behalf of the graduates at each Convocation ceremonies.  During the speech, the Valedictorian will also invite the graduating class to give an appreciation gesture to their loved ones for their support in making this graduation possible.


The Valedictorian is elected by the graduating class, from among candidates nominated by the School in consultation with the student clubs, based on the following criteria:


  • Excellent academic performance 
  • Leadership qualities with high level of participation in extracurricular activities, including community service
  • Good public-speaking skills


The Valedictorians are listed below:

Alissa Ong Shu Qin 
Bachelor of Science (Maritime Studies)

Amber Tan Chun En
Double Degree in Bachelor of Engineering Science and Master of Science in Technology Management

Ang Jia Wei  
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Chan Zheng Xiang   
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

Chua Qi Wei Valerie 
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Product Design

Darick Chen Hong Wei        
Double Degree in Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Business

Dharmen Harish Rupawala 
Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)

Lee Wen Di   
Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering)
Lim Qing Zhe Aaron
Bachelor of Accountancy

Lim Zhen Jie Jeremy           
Bachelor of Science in Physics

Lim Zhen Ting, Jodyn         
Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Loh Xinpeng 
Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

Marylyn Tan Ruilin  
Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics & Multilingual Studies

Ng Qi Xiang  
Bachelor of Business

Nicholas Tan Jit Yang         
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

Roysmond Sim Zhen Wei   
Bachelor of Science (Education)

Russell Loh Weibin 
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)

Ryan Lai Kang Rui   
Bachelor of Communication Studies

Tan Yu En Eunice    
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth Systems Science

Tay Sihui, Cheryl     
Doctor of Philosophy offered By National institute of Education

Zhang Meng 
Doctor of Philosophy offered By School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


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