Eligibility for Convocation

To be eligible for Convocation 2020, you must have fulfilled all the requirements for your degree by 30 June 2020.

For students who are graduating in Semester 2 AY2019-20 and whose credit transfer is pending, you must submit all relevant documents for credit transfer online by 1 June 2020, and alert your School and the Office of Academic Services (ug_outbound@ntu.edu.sg) via email by the same deadline. Otherwise, you may not be eligible to attend the Convocation 2020, if your credit transfer is not processed in time.  

For higher degree students, all reports pertaining to the examination of thesis/ dissertation, including oral exam report (if applicable) must reach the Office of Academic Services by 29 May 2020.

For students whose results/reports do not reach the Office of Academic Services by the stipulated deadlines, you will be conferred your degree after confirmation of successful completion of your relevant programme. You will join the convocation in the following year.

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