Day of Ceremony

​If you are attending the Convocation, please take note of the following:


Graduates and guests are advised to arrive at the Nanyang Auditorium one hour before the start of your Ceremony. Please refrain from bringing big/bulky bags to the Convocation as they will not be allowed into the theatre.


Graduates may put on their academic dress in the robing room or in the various restrooms located at the ceremonial venue. Please follow the directional signs to the robing room.

Please be in your full academic dress before you register your attendance.


After robing, check your serial number which is indicated against your name in the Graduates Listing (listed by ceremony order and degree programme). You will join the correct queue at the registration counter to have your attendance taken and to be issued with an attendance card. Documents which are accepted for attendance taking are: matriculation card, identity card, passport, driving license and other photo identification. Please have your identification documents ready when you join the queue.

Once you are registered, keep the attendance card and take your seat in the theatre as soon as possible.

Graduates who are not properly attired will not be able to register.


Each graduate is assigned to a seat which he/she will occupy throughout the ceremony. All graduates must be seated by:

- 9.30am / 1.30pm / 5.30pm

Graduates who are not seated by the start of the ceremony will not be allowed on stage and will not be presented to the Presiding Officer. Please be punctual as graduates who are late will not be able to join the ceremony once it has commenced.

During the Ceremony

You will be presented to the Presiding Officer in the order as listed in the Graduate Listing. Please occupy the seat allocated to you so that you do not upset the presentation order. At the appropriate time, marshals will indicate to you when and where to stand while waiting to be presented.

Once your name is announced, walk forward, shake hands with the Presiding Officer and receive your folder from him/her. You will then walk across the stage and descend by the steps at the opposite end and be directed to go up the side aisle to the back of the theatre to collect your degree certificate and transcript before returning to your seat. Please follow the directions given by the marshals.

End of Ceremony

All graduates and guests are invited to a reception after the ceremony.

Code of Conduct 

The Convocation Ceremony is a solemn and formal occasion to celebrate the academic achievements of all graduates. As a form of respect to the Presiding Officer and the Academic Procession, graduates are reminded of the following:

  • You are to wear your full academic dress i.e. gown, hood and mortarboard or bonnet (for PhD graduates) throughout the ceremony.
  • You are to remain in your seat throughout the whole ceremony except when being presented to the Presiding Officer.
  • When you are presented on stage, please limit your contact with the Presiding Officer to a handshake when receiving your folder. There should be no taking of 'selfies' or 'wefies' on stage so as not to prolong the ceremony for other graduates and guests.
  • You are to remain seated in the theatre throughout the ceremony.
  • Mobile devices are to be switched to silent mode throughout the whole ceremony.
  • You are to follow the instructions and directions of the marshals during the ceremony.


Unauthorised Surveys

Graduates are reminded not to volunteer personal information to surveyors during Convocation. NTU does not conduct any survey during Convocation.

Graduate Listing

In support of the campus-wide initiative to promote environmental sustainability, the graduates listing will be published solely in an electronic format. The listing will be available for the duration of Convocation.

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